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Why is my payment provider not showing up on my website

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To troubleshoot the issue of Payfast not being visible on your website, follow these steps:

  1. Check if the Payment Provider (Payfast) is set up and published on your website. Make sure that the Payfast integration is properly configured and activated.
  2. Ensure that the Payment Provider (Payfast) has a valid Payment method enabled, such as Card payments. Verify that the correct payment methods are enabled in your Payfast account settings.
  3. Leave the currency and countries settings blank to allow payments from everywhere. This will ensure that customers from any location can make payments using Payfast.
  4. Verify that your Payfast credentials, including API keys or any other required authentication details, are correct. Check that the credentials are accurately entered in your website's payment settings.

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot the visibility issue of Payfast on your website and ensure that customers can make payments using this payment provider.

We've noticed an issue with the Subscription App installation. Please note that in the Subscription production environment, Tokenized payment providers are required. Consequently, payment methods like Payfast and Wire-Transfer may not be visible. Kindly adjust your subscription settings accordingly to ensure seamless compatibility with your preferred payment methods.